FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) How long can I keep the bouncer?

  • 4-6 Hours! We drop off your rental(s)/bouncers between 9:00am -3:00pm (call for additional times,) we pick- up just before dark. We typically, deliver and set up your bounce house approx 1hr-15mins before your party time and anytime before that is a bonus for you!

2) What are your prices?

  • Please call for current pricing and specials (803) 331-4732 – We love to provide incentives like free popcorn, cotton candy or snow cone machine with our Combo Bouncers and Waterslide rentals. Our bounce houses rented 4-6hrs and prices are not pro-rated for time greater than 2hr rental periods. Prices listed are before tax
    • Single Bouncer :$155.00-$165.00
    • Combo Bouncers/Dry: $300.00 with 1 concession machine & start up supplies (while supplies last)
    • Combo Bouncer/Wet: $330.00 with 1 concession machine & start up supplies (while supplies last)
    • Waterslides: starting from- $300.00-$425.00
    • Obstacle Courses: Starting from-$250.00-$425.00

Call us for daily specials!!

3) Do you require a deposit? / When is my balance due?

  • Yes,In order to reserve a piece of equipment or bounce house from LPP, we will require a $50.00-$75.00 deposit per unit. This will ensure that we do not rent this item(s) to anyone else for your requested date.

4) How can I reserve a bouncer?

  • Simply, call us at the number listed on this website to see if your date and equipment are available, or use the information form attached (found under “contact us”) to send your information and someone will contact you within 24 hours or less.

5) Where can you set up inflatable’s?

  • We can set up inflatable bounce houses, outside, indoors, on concrete, and on public properties (park, churches, or schools, etc.). The event location must be as level as possible and free of rocks, twigs, animal droppings, and debris to ensure the safety of the participants. A 20 foot overhead clearance is needed for your inflatable Bounce House and a 5 foot perimeter around the jumper is also needed. The unit should be within 50 feet of the power outlet. An additional 50 foot cord can be added if needed. There is an additional fee if we need to provide power in the form of a generator for public locations.

6) Are inflatable’s safe?

  • Statistically, inflatable’s are safer than most playground equipment. For the most part, if the jumpers adhere to the safety rules, no one will get hurt. There should be no rough housing, no hanging on netting, no flips, no sharp objects, no food, no drinks, no shoes, no visible metal zippers, and no medical conditions that would make the participant vulnerable to injury, especially pregnant women.

7) Does Little Party People have insurance?

  • Yes, Little Party People carries liability insurance.

8) What is the age range and how many children can be in the unit at one time?

  • Age 2-17 and adults are allow to participate in the Bounce House. In a 15×15 unit, children 8yrs and under 8-10 participants, 9-12yrs 6-8, older teens 4-5 and adults 4. Only participants of compatible ages and size shall jump at the same time.

9) Will a trained safety attendant be required to stay during the party at my home or public event?

  • There will not be a required safety attendant for residential rentals; however, a responsible adult should be monitoring the children at all times. If you are renting a bouncer (s) for a public event, a trained safety attendant (additional cost) must be present for the safety of the children. Little Party People may waive this policy if the client agrees & guarantee that they will appoint a responsible person to monitor the unit at all times.

10) May I pick up the bounce?

  • Unfortunately, no. It must be dropped off and assembled by us for safety reasons.


  • If, the Renter cancel for any reason REGARDLESS OF TIME WINDOW, the Renter deposit amount will be applied toward the Renter account with LPP and maybe used by the Renter for any future rentals
  • The Renter or Little Party People have the right to cancel party(ies) due to potential inclement weather ie: rain,high winds,thunder storms etc. Reimbursements due to inclement weather will be returned within 7-14 business days.
  • Equipment will not be set up in the following conditions: rain,mud or high winds. If you choose to have use come out and we are unable to set up due to weather conditions(rain,mud or high winds) you will forfeit your deposit. Once any equipment is set up, the full rental price applies.
  • If, it should rain the morning of your event & you wish to move forward (regardless of event time)with your event after, the weather has improved there may be approx 1-2hr delay in delivery and set up. Please bear this information in mind when electing to move forward. Little Party People staff will do, as much as possible to meet your intitial time request if, time permits.